Garage Door Services

Whether your door opener is stopping on the way up or down, not moving at all, making strange noises, opening randomly or even smoking!

  • Gear and sprocket assembly’s
  • Trolley replacement
  • Circuit boards
  • Remote replacement
  • Keypad replacement
  • Safety sensors
  • Capacitors
  • Limit switches
  • Wall consoles
  • And much more..

We carry new belt or chain drive openers if it is time to just replace or for garages that don’t have one. WiFi openers are available as well if you desire the convenience of knowing and controlling if your door is open or closed from your phone!

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts that wear out over time. Cracked hinges, loose screws or tired bearings need to be adjusted or replaced periodically.

If you have a long tube above your garage door but do not see any springs on it then you probably have a Wayne dalton system. If your door opener will not open the door and you can’t lift it manually then the Wayne dalton spring system has most likely failed and can be replaced with a better spring system.

Most door rollers start to wear out after 15+ years , so check to see if they look like they are wobbling when moving ,are making a clicking or dragging sound . We always use heavy duty nylon ball bearing rollers that are typically quieter and last longer than standard rollers.

Our standard door and opener tuneups include lubricating entire door and opener if necessary, check all moving parts and adjust accordingly, check door opener safety settings, door balancing and diagnosing for future problems you may want to be aware of.

  • Support Struts - Help straighten bowing or bent doors
  • Rollers - Quiet door noise and prevent door jamming
  • Hinges - Prevent more door damage and jamming
  • Center styles - Reduces pressure on door brackets to keep from breaking
  • Cables - Frayed cables may not be visible and dangerous if they break
  • Door Hardware - Keeps the rest of the door running efficient and quiet

Things happen and sometimes nobody knows why the garage door has a dent in it. Sometimes this happens the same day you realize a family members car has a scratch on it. Coincidence? Although ,doors can start to bow or bend in the middle with age . If this is not corrected soon the door could dent and form cracks and may have to be replaced. However, We often are able to salvage these doors by using metal support struts to straighten and strengthen the doors without having to replace the panels or the entire door.

Garage doors are not something we think about on a daily basis, but it is used several times every day. It is easily overlooked when it comes to household maintenance.Your garage door is the biggest moving part on your house and should be checked out periodically. We suggest having a professional give your door and opener a tuneup every year to avoid unexpected problems. You should also keep your door lubricated every few months for optimal performance.

Garage Door Springs

Spring Replacement Benefits

  • We ensure a balanced door to keep you safe and opener running Optimally
  • We always use 10,000 cycle springs or more
  • 5 year parts warranty on standard springs
  • Lifetime parts warranty on high cycle springs

Garage door springs are the most dangerous part of a garage door. We specialize in replacement of residential door springs and give 90 day labor and 5 year spring warranty on all jobs. We also carry high cycle springs that have a lifetime warranty available on most jobs. We always install 2 springs on all double car garage doors and suggest if you do only have a single spring to get it changed IMMEDIATELY to avoid safety issues. Not to mention damage to your door and overhead opener. So if you have ugly ,old or single style springs that you do not want to worry about the hassle of replacing at the most inconvenient time or unnecessary extra expenses, we are here to help out. If it’s too late and your already trapped give us a call or even better a text and we will help you ASAP.

Garage Door Specials

Replacement of High Cycle Springs

10% Off

Garage Door & Opener Tuneup

10% Off

Chamberlain Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Built in Wi-Fi, Two Remotes and an Outside Keypad

$400 Installed

16x7 Garage door overhaul Kit (includes replacing springs, spring rod, cables, Cable drums, end bearing plates, center bearing and new heavy duty door rollers)

$495 16x8 Door $515
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